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CamdenWorld Events

Events are gathered using a high-performance fetcher written in CoffeeScript and served from CouchDB.


Something charitable for Christmas. Draw a tree, share it to Facebook and have your buddies place gifts as they donate to charity.

Built upon Node.js, Couch, Bootstrap and Backbone.

Anvil, a static site generator

Hierarchical MVC (or HMVC) has always appealed to me as a way to standardise the building blocks of a website or application.

Anvil will allow a static site to be generated from a set of packages; content, layout and styling will be supplied as a list of directories consisting of the same cascading file structure.

Collaborative Coding Commons

An international team of skilled programmers joined together in cooperation for the mutual goal of doing good work that interests us.

Member Contribution Management System

A bespoke online software system used to track member work contribution within the organisation. Built atop Kohana.


Java software quality visualisation.

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